LABC Partner Authority Scheme (Building Regulations)

Traditionally all 'Full Plans' Building Regulations applications would have been sent to your local Council to obtain approval before, that same local Council, would carry out the inspections during construction.

One alternative to this traditional process is to have one Local Authority review and approve 'Full Plans' applications regardless of location. Another alternative is to use Approved Inspectors.

Luke Williamson Architect has adopted a Partnering Scheme with Aylesbury Vale District Council under the LABC Partner Authority Scheme

More information can be found here. Having a consistent working relationship with one Council for this process provides clients with a prompt and efficient service to obtain 'Full Plans' Building Regulations approval.

This means that regardless of the District Council that your project falls within, Luke Williamson Architect would submit the 'Full Plans' information to Aylesbury Vale District Council to obtain approval before they forward that approval to your local Council, who will then carry out the site inspections once on site.

Essentially there is no difference for clients, other than where the initial 'Full Plans' Council application fee is paid to.

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