Luke Williamson Architect can provide architectural services from project inception to completion. For most domestic projects we would provide fixed quotes for 'Stages 1 & 2' and 'Stages 3 & 4'. Work Stages 4B - 6 are typically carried out on an hourly rate basis.

Luke Williamson Architect Work Stages (RIBA)

Ours fees start from £1040 for Work Stages 1 & 2 and £1040 for Work Stages 3 & 4. This minimum fee is based on a basic single storey lean-to extension to a detached house with limited internal changes and local to our office location.

Below is an indication of typical timescales for our standard projects.


Other Services

As part of our standard services, Luke Williamson Architect undertakes duties as 'principal designer' as set out in the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 during the pre-construction phase (Stages 0-4).

The following Stages are optional services that we can provide if requested.

Stage 4B – Technical Design

  • Prepare a schedule of works
  • Advise on an appropriate form of Building Contract, its conditions and the responsibilities of the client, the design team and the contractor
  • Identify extent of design work by contractor
  • Prepare documents required for tendering purposes
  • Advise on potential contractors to be invited to tender for the work
  • Invite, appraise and report on tenders and prepare the Building Contract and arrange for it to be signed
  • Provide the contractor with information required for construction
  • Review design work produced by contractor's specialist subcontractors

Stage 5 Construction

  • Visit the site to see that the work is proceeding generally in accordance with Building Contract
  • Certify payments for work carried out or completed. Advise on final cost
  • Provide or obtain 'As Constructed' information showing the building and its services
  • Give general advice on maintenance

Stage 6 – Handover & Close Out

  • Make final inspections and advise on resolution of defects
  • Agree final account and issue a final certificate

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