Before commencing work checklist

Before starting work ensure you have the following in place:

  • Party Wall Notices (if required, see: Party Wall Act & Notices)
  • Provided your Builder with an Asbestos Report for your house (Asbestos)
  • Ensure you are aware of your responsibilities under CDM (2015): Health & Safety (A short guide for clients on the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015).
  • Thames Water (dependant on location) Build Over Agreement (required if building over or within 3m of a Thames Water Sewer)
  • Home Insurance: Notify your Home Insurer to inform them that you are having building work carried out and ensure their cover will remain.
  • Planning Permission or Certificate of Lawful Development and or Listed Building Consent
  • Are all Pre-commencement Planning Conditions discharged?
  • Are all Building Regulations Conditions discharged or highlighted to the Contractor to discharge on-site?

Enter into a Contract with your chosen builder and ensure it includes the following:

    • Contract Sum (don't forget to be clear on VAT)
    • Responsibilities: Ideally your chosen Contractor will be responsible for all their and their sub-contractors work including providing Certificates etc.
    • Payment schedule (monthly, bi-weekly, by Building Regulations stages).
    • Deposit (is a deposit amount required at commencement to buy materials etc to kickstart the project?).
    • Agree on a timescale.
    • If the Architect is not appointed to administer the Contract between you and the builder, ensure the builder is noted as the Principal Designer (under CDM (2015): Health & Safety) in the Contract. They would act as the Principal Designer from when works commences on site.
    • List Contract Documents:
      • Architect drawings and construction specification (ensure you have the current versions/revisions noted).
      • Structural Engineer drawings, specification & calculations (ensure you have the current versions/revisions noted).
      • Thames Water Build Over Agreement & Specification (if required)
      • Building Regulation Conditions listed in the contract if the Builder needs to discharge them (for example providing Beam & Block design from their supplier).
      • Ensure Builder's Insurance is in place and amount/type noted in the Contract. Their insurance cover should include:
        • All Risks Insurance Cover
        • Public Liability
        • Employers Liability
        • Professional Indemnity Insurances (only required if they are providing some Design element).
        • Structural Warranty (only applicable for New Dwellings)
      • Include and reference Planning permission..
      • Include any PC Sums (Prime Cost items, a PC Sum includes an estimate of items included in the Contractor's Quote, for example, an allowance for supply of tiling or a kitchen).

Items to check you have before paying Builder final amount:

  • Do not pay final amount until Building Regulations Completion Certificate is obtained.
  • Warranty for Flat roof
  • Fensa Certificate with Windows & Doors
  • Electric Certificate
  • Gas Safe Certificate for Boiler work
  • Services are all working (check heating, water pressure, underfloor heating etc)

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